A Dilemma

Some time ago, I received a total of $45 in gift cards to Amazon.com. For Christmas, I got a $50 card to Barnes & Noble, of which about $25 has been used. Getting gift cards to places where I can buy books is a dream come true for me, but I haven’t spent the cards yet because I cannot decide which books to buy. I know for sure I want THE PATRON SAINT OF BUTTERFLIES, but that’s not going to take up $60. Sophie Kinsella has a new one out, but I haven’t even bought Shopaholic & Baby, and I think I sold Shopaholic & Sister, but I’m not so sure about that. This is so HARD.

But it’s a dilemma I love having. For Christmas and my birthday, I am asking for gift cards to book stores and Lush.

My other dilemma is that Adam got a new library card, which means he can check out 30 items from the library. I am still under the five item restriction until May 29th, seeing as I am a new card holder and all. But because he comes with me to the library, I have the option of picking up more than five books at a time (YAY!). I got a bunch yesterday. I immediately dove into MY LIFE AS A RHOMBUS by Varian Johnson and finished it already. Now I am rereading one from my childhood EMILY’S RUNAWAY IMAGINATION by Beverly Cleary. That book has me laughing so hard I’m crying. But I have a TON of books to read now, and NO clue which one to tackle next. I just know that I’m going to read The WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ last, because that one is going to be a special treat for me.

Reading. Such a wonderful thing.

More soon, and maybe even less random next time. Bye!

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