I’m Such A Fan Girl

I adore Elizabeth Scott.  Her writing reminds me of Sarah Dessen’s, but not quite.  She writes in a way that makes it seem easy and flawless.  Her Pub Story reminds us that the road to publication is not an easy one at all.  It’s full of quirky twists and turns, setbacks, triumphs, and more. So… I’m OK where I am. Because deep down I know that I will make it. It’s just not time yet.

I’ve been back into the “generating ideas for writing” mode.  Characters are forming in my head, and I’m falling in love with them, which is a #1 indication that a story is going to burst out of me before long.

While I am in this “writing limbo,” I am trying to stay in the writing world as much as possible.  Just being surrounded by the writers is giving me enough of a push to remind me that I won’t be quitting.  I cannot quit, I absolutely cannot.  I’ve hit a bump, but it’s not insurmountable. There is a lot of inspiration in the writing world, and Elizabeth Scott is one of mine.

I added Elizabeth as a friend on Facebook a few months ago, and I spent a delightful several days exchanging Arrested Development quotes with her.  An author who appreciates Arrested Development.  Could she be any more awesome?

And now, there is a Facebook Fan Page for her, so I definitely joined that.  Now I can be totally up-to-date on what she’s up to.  I am very much looking forward to her next book, due out June 2nd.

OR, if I win this awesome contest, I can have it EARLIER, and signed even.


The fan girl in me surfaces once again!

See, I got to meet Meg Cabot in February of this year, and I was so freaking nervous I was shaking.

Seventh Annual Children's Literature Breakfast

You guys don’t understand.  Most people freak out when they meet someone like Zac Effron or RPattz, but I freak out when I meet Meg Cabot.  You know why?  Because she is a goddess in my eyes.  She churns out so many books.  She does the fun vlogs.  She blogs regularly.  She tours.  And she looks absolutely FABULOUS all the time.  I have never seen someone wear so many cute dresses.

But OK.  Enough gushing.  I have to remember to post here more often.  And I NEED to write more often.  I’ve been busy with work, doll collecting, planning another trip to Disney World, and um… yeah, playing Word Twist on Facebook, so I haven’t been making much time for actually getting writing done (besides that mental writing one does when developing characters, etc.)

Time for bed now.  Til next time.