Describe a perfect day that would combine everything you have to do and everything you want to do, including writing. What changes can you make this week that will get you a step or two closer to being able to enjoy days like that?

I’m a night owl, so I guess my perfect day would actually be my perfect night. And I’m trying to think of a perfect day that’s not including a day at Disney World, because face it. I wouldn’t be doing any writing after a day in the Parks.

But… if I’m playing by the rules and making it a DAY thing, it would be like this:

I’d sleep until about 10:30am, peacefully without my bladder screaming bloody murder every two hours. I’d get up slowly, and actually be hungry for a breakfast of Cream of Wheat and bacon (or sausage). So I’d have that, and I’d play on my various social media sites. I’d cuddle up with a cat and read for a while, and not have to worry about litter box stank. And I’d fit in a yoga practice, either at home or at the studio. And I’d be so used to writing every day (thanks to WFMAD) that I’d crave my writing time and do anything I could to make sure I get it. (I remember when it used to be like that–I’m so happy that it’s coming back.) But, as I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m writing, nor do I like it when people are around in general when I’m writing, I’d need to wait until I was home by myself.

I’d have an amazing writing session, busting out the words like crazy. Thousands of words, with my only taking time to use the bathroom and grabbing some spaghetti to eat. GOOD words too, not junk that I need to cut the next day.

I’d also have time to play a video game or watch a DVD if I chose, or to just mess around on tumblr or something. I’d also get to hang out with Aidan.

I can easily make changes for some of these things to happen NOW. I can carve out more writing time in addition to the WFMAD prompts. (Hmm… does idea boards and brainstorming count as writing? Just wondering if it needs to be a hard word count.) I can set my alarm and actually get up at 10:30am (if not earlier), but that means getting to bed at a decent time. *Looks at clock* Too late for that now! As for the appetite in the morning, I can’t really control how hungry I wake up. It’s very rare that I wake up ravenous. Most of them time, I am not hungry for hours after I wake up. So I can have the Cream of Wheat and sausage another time in the day. Litter box stank is avoided when I stay in my room all day, which will be the case once the cold winter hits. And I can do yoga anytime, any where, so there is no excuse for me to be skipping out on that.

So…basically, I have all the tools to have a perfect day. I do most of my work from home, except for the occasions when I am called into an office or off on a film shoot. The yoga studio is a six minute walk from my apartment, or I can drive there fairly easily. I have a laptop, so I can write anywhere. I also have notebooks and pens which I always carry with me.

I just need to make it happen. For REAL, not just for play. Not just in a fantasy, but for real. It’s here. I just need to grab it.