WFMAD Day Nine

Write a letter to someone who made you feel bad about wanting to write. This can be someone in your life now or in your past.

I struggled slightly with this prompt, because I’ve never had anyone–EXCEPT MYSELF–make me feel bad about wanting to write. So. I decided that I’d write the letter to me.

Dear Ronni,

I know you want to write. I know you love it, and that’s probably why you hold back and don’t allow yourself to do it. Because not only do you self-sabotage a lot, but you don’t think you deserve fun and nice things. You don’t believe you are allowed to do things you enjoy without a healthy helping of guilt.

I mean, I know that writing isn’t always fun and games. But overall, you enjoy it. You like the agony it creates. You love creating new worlds and people and making things up. Right? So why do you deny it to yourself?

OK I know why. Because you are worried that you’re not good enough. Or that you’ll never succeed. But… why do you need to write for publication? Remember when you used to write for fun?

But then, this goes back to you not believing you’re allowed to do fun things.

See, there are places for everyone in the world. So there are spaces for writers–for story tellers. Why shouldn’t one of those spaces be for you?

Stop beating yourself up for having dreams. Use that energy to work toward your dreams. You want to publish a novel? OK, write it and don’t feel badly about doing so. Life doesn’t always have to be hardship and hard work.


Now write a personals ad looking for a friend who thinks your dream is amazing.


A friend, a cheerleader, and a confidant to help me on the road to achieving my dream. No need to read my manuscripts and offer fake goodness–I just need someone to keep encouraging me. To regularly light fires under my butt, and to keep me accountable for my writing. Especially to keep me accountable. A friend who’ll do things like buy me donuts or other assorted goodies as rewards for staying on track. Someone who gives me unconditional and unwavering support, so that I have the confidence to pursue my dreams.

What’s in it for you? Laughter, good times, treats, and loyalty.

DUDE. This was a hard one. Just sayin’. But I did it anyway. :)