The Feels

I’ve decided that I need to put my WIP aside so that it could *marinate* so to speak. There are some problem areas that I need to distance myself from so I can fix them with a more objective eye later. My original start date was March 15. I put it away and tried not to look at it again. And I FAILED. I didn’t think I’d miss the characters and situation so much. They’ve been a big part of my life since late 2012, so it’s hard to cut myself off from them so abruptly. I keep sneaking the project out and saying “I’ll just read it over and put it away,” but then I start fiddling. I’ve got to stop that. If I want this to be a successful project, I need to leave it the heck alone for a while, right?

I think a lot of writers hate revisions. I LOVE revisions. Revising means there’s already something there to work with. Brainstorming is great because there is so much potential. So many ideas and things inspiring me. The writing, is the hard part, which is also my least favorite. But it’s part of the package, and I can’t revise if there is nothing to revise, right?

I am dabbling with a new project to hopefully distract myself. The feels, oh the FEELS. Meeting new characters. Hopefully falling for them. New situations and settings. It’s exciting and scary and taking that plunge is so…weird. And exhilarating. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, so it’s almost foreign. I’d forgotten how thrilling it is to start a new project. I hope I never forget again.

I’m just glad to be writing. I’m glad I’ve gotten the joy back and that I’m actively working on projects. It’s nice to have a dream again.