Bangs Head Against Wall


Why do I do this again?

When is it time to hang it up and either:

1. Give up for good


2. Start something new (even though the well is DRY af)

Too much conflicting advice. Too many opinions.


Epic failure. Fear. Frustration. Rollercoaster emotions.

Why do I do this?????

How do I learn to trust my gut, when it’s been so wrong in the past?

Striving for perfection that will likely never come, but knowing I have to be 250% to even get *considered* because of… well, reasons.

So tired of being “almost but not quite.” Not just here. Everywhere.

“You’re close, but.”

That’s not enough for me.

“This is special.”

But still, so many things wrong.

Why so much wrong? Still?
And will I ever figure it out?

Tired. So, so tired.

how writing feels

But I can’t stop. So what does that make me?