You know that feeling you get when you are reading a book and you don’t want it to end because it’s making you feel excited and happy and completely immersed in the world and the characters?

I got to experience that twice in the past couple weeks. First book was THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ by Frank L Baum. I hadn’t read that book since I was a little girl, so it was amazing to go back and reread it. I rediscovered all of the funny little worlds that I’d forgotten about (like the cute little porcelain people), and I loved watching the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow long so much for what they already carried inside.

The second book was EXTRAS by Scott Westerfeld. I’d read the other books in the Uglies series and felt quite overwhelmed at how the pace was so fast by the time I got to Specials. Extras was a pleasant surprise. Another one I didn’t want to put down, full of the perfect amount of suspense and action. I really enjoyed Extras.

I recently read POP by Aury Wallington, and I was pleasantly surprised by that one, too. It was one I’d pull down and then put back on the shelf almost immediately. The reason I read it this time was because Adam actually checked it out.

I’m not sure what I’ll read next. I REALLY want to get my hands on THE PATRON SAINT OF BUTTERFLIES by Cecilia Galante, and I want to read AUDREY, WAIT by Robin Benway. And I would love to read AIRHEAD by Meg Cabot. That woman puts out so many books that I can’t keep up with her!

My library doesn’t get in many of the good books right when they come out.  This means I’ll probably have to purchase most of the books I want to read, and then either donate them or try to sell them at a used bookstore (if I decide I don’t want to keep them).  So, I don’t know when I’ll get to the books I want to read.

Anyway, I do have a good-sized pile of library books I need to go through, including MANIAC MAGEE by Jerry Spinelli and THE BOOK OF LUKE by Jenny O’Connell. I’ve been at the computer for hours, so I think I’ll get to that pile in just a bit. :)

A Dilemma

Some time ago, I received a total of $45 in gift cards to For Christmas, I got a $50 card to Barnes & Noble, of which about $25 has been used. Getting gift cards to places where I can buy books is a dream come true for me, but I haven’t spent the cards yet because I cannot decide which books to buy. I know for sure I want THE PATRON SAINT OF BUTTERFLIES, but that’s not going to take up $60. Sophie Kinsella has a new one out, but I haven’t even bought Shopaholic & Baby, and I think I sold Shopaholic & Sister, but I’m not so sure about that. This is so HARD.

But it’s a dilemma I love having. For Christmas and my birthday, I am asking for gift cards to book stores and Lush.

My other dilemma is that Adam got a new library card, which means he can check out 30 items from the library. I am still under the five item restriction until May 29th, seeing as I am a new card holder and all. But because he comes with me to the library, I have the option of picking up more than five books at a time (YAY!). I got a bunch yesterday. I immediately dove into MY LIFE AS A RHOMBUS by Varian Johnson and finished it already. Now I am rereading one from my childhood EMILY’S RUNAWAY IMAGINATION by Beverly Cleary. That book has me laughing so hard I’m crying. But I have a TON of books to read now, and NO clue which one to tackle next. I just know that I’m going to read The WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ last, because that one is going to be a special treat for me.

Reading. Such a wonderful thing.

More soon, and maybe even less random next time. Bye!