Hi there! It’s been a while, huh? I’m still here. Still writing (yay!). Still plugging away on the same WIP, and also gathering ideas for some new books down the road.

First thing: HOLY COW. I’ve been seriously pursuing writing (on and off) for ten years. TEN YEARS. It’s time for me to really, truly buckle down and make shit happen.

So I will.

I’ve been up to a lot since I last posted here more than six months ago! I took more acting classes, I went to Jekyll Island and to Disney World, did some more background work, mostly for SIRENS, but also for an indie film, a commercial, a promo video, and Chicago PD.

Something about acting classes and being on set is a huge inspiration for me. I realized that it’s because both things are another way to tell a story. Acting is bringing the story to life. Being on set is like being INSIDE a story. Combine the two and it’s can be magical.

I love being on set. I love all the little details that go into making the scene real. For SIRENS, I was on a hospital set on a soundstage, and the set dressing was beyond fascinating for me. So many small things to add to the atmosphere of the shot, so many things for us background actors to play with to make things more realistic…it was just so COOL.

There are authors who inspire me. Huntley Fitzpatrick. Sarah Dessen. Stephanie Perkins. I know they work their butts off to write amazing stories, but the books are so easy to read, it seems effortless. I want my writing to seem effortless to my readers. I want them to read my work and fall in love with my characters like I fell in love with Samantha and Jase, or Ruby and Nate, or Anna and Etienne. And I want to inspire them to write their own love stories.

And then there is music. I love listening to music when I’m writing. I make have a general playlist for writing, and then I have specific soundtracks for the stories I am writing. Sometimes I even make soundtracks for specific characters. Spotify is such a great tool for this. I pay for the premium version, and then I usually end up buying the songs themselves so I can listen to them on my iPod. Because I’m one of those ones who still uses a Classic and will until it conks out on me.

Here is my writing playlist on Spotify:

Going to bookstores and libraries inspire me. Meeting authors. Reading book reviews. Reading books in general.

There are so many stories, and yet, I still feel like there is a place for me. I just need to find my way there.


Huh, I guess I’ve neglected this poor writing blog…but for a good reason! I’ve been WRITING. And writing and writing and writing. That’s all I want to say about that for now. The WFMAD exercises from last year really helped jump start some things in me, and now I feel creative and hopeful again. :)

I took acting classes earlier this year and although I love it, I realized that I love writing way more. I am thinking of going back to acting classes–I really do love being on movie and TV sets–but I want to use what I learn there to help enhance my writing. (‘Cause let’s face it, the chances of me becoming rich and famous from acting are slim to none. Writing is a hustle too, but I’d rather hustle for something I really, truly love.)

I am grateful to have reclaimed the joy from writing that I used to have years ago. I hope I don’t lose it again.

WFMAD Day Fourteen

Levitating, Meditating, Flute-playing Gnu

Levitating, Meditating, Flute-playing Gnu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Write down how you are going to fill your creative well this week. Include one field trip; trip to a museum, concert, movie, pumpkin patch, etc. After your “well time,” free write about the experience.

This week, I plan on taking at least one yoga class. That always helps me fill my creative well. I’ll have to get off my butt and head over to Moksha, where I will be able to meditate.

Actually a bunch of people I know are starting a meditation thingy tomorrow. Meditating every day for 30 days or so? I think I should do that. I get a lot of great ideas when I’m supposed to be emptying my mind. It’s crazy.

I find that I write the best when I’m not supposed to be writing. Or when I’m not supposed to be thinking about writing. Or thinking about anything.

I swear. I am the world’s worst meditator. I took a chakra workshop last year with Tias Little. I LOVE Tias Little. He’s amazing. I just felt good being around him. Anyway, I swear, one morning we did a long meditation. I remember something about a staircase and that is it. Or maybe a gate. Or maybe an elephant. At any rate, later, he mentioned something about that meditation later in the class and I was thinking “Um yeah. No clue what you’re talking about.” I’D FALLEN ASLEEP.

I fall asleep during meditation ALL THE TIME. If I’m not daydreaming about my story characters, that is. Or fretting about what I need to do later that day. Or TRYING to concentrate on my breath… but my mind just wanders all the time. It’s like I’m in a constant daydream.

I also have plans to have dinner this week with another writer. She’s much farther on the path than I am. She’s been published in a popular online yoga blog, and she writes her own blog. She’s also been published in yoga journal. She’s on the path of her dharma and it’s amazing to see.

I’m still struggling to find my dharma. I’m the type of person who is OK at a bunch of things but not amazing at one special thing. So, I’m an OK writer, but I choke under pressure. I have fun being an extra on movie sets, but the thought of auditioning for a real role terrifies me. So does teaching yoga to a class or even to one or two people.

But I think about writing, and I get all excited inside. I think about my characters all the time. Sometimes I even think of things to do with them… but sitting in front of blank page. It’s like… yeah. I know I’m not alone. I know I need to work through it.

I think a trip to a library or book store would also be good. Something about being around all those books fires me up. I can’t wait to get home and write. Of course, once I’m home, I’m like “la la la tumblr!” So… I think I need to start taking my computer or notebook with me to a bookstore. And going ON MY OWN so that people I’m with don’t start wanting to go as soon as I get there…. or start looking over my shoulder asking what I’m doing. Because I hate that. I HATE talking about any projects I’m working on with people because the magic then fizzles away.

I used to be one of those people who posted word count meters every few days, and who loved sharing my progress. I don’t do that anymore. I just can’t. It takes away my inspiration and makes my work no longer special.

Wherever I go, I’ll have to bring my notebook with me. It goes with me everywhere I go, because I never know when a good idea will pop up.

That’s not true. The good ideas usually pop up when I’m in the shower or in the car. My husband actually keeps a notepad on his dashboard. Which I’m not OK with, seeing as he is distracted enough when he’s driving…..

Anyway, my plan for this week:

Meditation + Inspiration + Creation

Let’s do this thing.