What is your favorite time waster? Be specific: write down the websites and what you get out of spending time on them. The television shows and movies that you’ve watched in the last movies. The phone calls, coffee dates, lunches, or evenings out that robbed you of time you’d like to have back. What time of day are you most likely to engage in these time wasters and why? THAT IS YOUR WRITING TIME!! When you’re done responding to this prompt, set an alarm for tomorrow’s writing time.

My favorite time wasters:

Tumbler. I can scroll through the dash for hours. It’s mindless and dumb, meant for a demographic that’s 20 years my junior…but I can’t seem to make myself stop it.
Reading. Yes, reading is great, but I do a lot of it when I should be writing my own stuff.
Sleeping. It is SO HARD to get out of bed if I don’t have to. It feels too good to roll over and sleep just a little while longer….
Video Games. Especially LEGO Harry Potter. I’m obsessed with that one. It’s bad. I have it on three different platforms–Wii, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS. I have so much fun playing it and solving the puzzles and things.

When I’m most likely to engage in these time wasters:
Any time. Trust me. I keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow.” It’s so dumb.

SO I need to set an alarm to write tomorrow. OK. So I set it. I hope to have done some writing before the alarm goes off, but well…fingers crossed!!